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Infrastructure Support Services

Program Management Services


Configuration Management Services

We provide Configuration Management services to our customer that address the organization’s management through control of changes made to hardware, software, firmware, documentation, test, test fixtures and test documentation of the organization’s products, throughout its development and operational life. We offer guidance for developing Configuration Management Plans, conducting Configuration Audits, Document Control Processes, Change Management Processes, managing Change Control Boards and providing recommendations for Configuration Management Database tools; offering guidance for selecting the correct Configuration Management Tool that best fits the organization's needs and product lines.

Proposal Development Services






Infostructure Specialists offers capture management solutions, proposal development, cost volume strategies, proposing the right mix of key personnel and assuring compliance with RFP requirements.  We provide color team reviews and post award planning, phase-in strategies and schedules, and key program management initiatives.



Acquisition Support Services







Infostructure provides staff augmentation services that focus on the entire Acquisition Lifecycle. We offer solutions for streamlining acquisition schedule progression. We provide a compelling approach to opening communication channels between the CO, COTR and Prime Contractors, and employ savvy subject matter experts that help industry navigate Government Contracting.

Supply Chain Management - Using Blockchain Technologies

Infostructure Specialists provides subject matter expertise for establishing transparent, traceable and compliant supply chains that are visible, available and trusted by our customers. We work with trusted developers to build permissioned Blockchains that share trusted data with supply chain participants. Our technologies build an end to end process that considers a network of people, resources, activities, technology, information, etc. that helps companies, organizations, and customers to avoid problems within their supply chains in distribution/logistics, packaging, labeling, storage, production/manufacturing, laboratory testing/validation, and safe record keeping.

Integrated Project Teams (IPT) Services

Infostructure Specialists has adopted IPTs as the preferred approach for development, review, and oversight across programs and projects. Our IPT process facilitates decision-making by making decisions and recommendations based on timely input from an entire team; replacing the lengthy, longstanding sequential review and approval process commonly used in standard development lifecycles. Our operating concept uses IPTs to manage assigned projects from Initiation to Disposal. Over each project’s lifecycle, Infostructure Specialists provides guidance for identifying and selecting cross-functional team members (i.e., stakeholders) required for the team to achieve its mission. The structure, size, and skill mix of the IPT evolves to best meet the project’s needs. We guide organizations through the process of establishing IPTs, defining their charter and how best to utilize and manage a cross-functional team to minimize project/development cost, maximize talent and skillsets, and maximize communication to deter conflict.

Risk Management

Infostructure Specialists provides detailed guidance on the processes, methods, and tools used to manage risks associated with day-to-day business operations as well as programs/projects. Our Risk Management methodology, processes and procedures are based on industry best practices and tailored to compliment most business models. We assist our customers with developing and implementing a continuous risk management model and risk management plan that will allow them to focus on the four primary activities performed in the Risk Management Process:


Our program management services include defining customer needs, project planning and execution, contract administration, establishing integrated project teams, developing charters, earned value management guidance, procurement, configuration management and establishing and managing program management offices.

  • Proposal Capture

  • Bid/No Bid Process

  • Proposal Management

  • Proposal Development

  • Color Team Reviews

  • Pre-Solicitation Activities

  • Solicitation and Evaluation

  • Post Award Activities

  • Contract Close-out Activities

  • Identification of risks: a continuous effort to identify and document risks

  • Assessment of risks: an estimation of the probability, impact, and time frame of the risks, classification into sets of related risks, and prioritization of risks relative to each other for the purposes of mitigation

  • Planning of risk mitigation: decision about how to handle risks, which, for important risks, shall include mitigation plans

  • Mitigating and tracking risks: collection and reporting status information about risks and their mitigation plans (where appropriate) and taking corrective action as needed

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